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Prostik W1307 2-Inch by 2-Inch by 12-Inch Abrasive Belt and Disk Cleaner


  • 2-Inch width by 2-Inch height by 12-Inch Length

Utoolmart Abrasive Belt Cleaner 1 Pcs Cleaning Eraser Abrasive Sanding Belt Cleaner Block for Cleaning Sander, Shoe, Skateboard


  • Product Name:Clean the rubber
  • Size:Leather shoes cleaning and decontamination sheet
  • Material:rubber
  • Package:1×Clean the rubber
  • Perfect for using on shoes, it will help you to polish your shoes and remove dust and hard dirty quickly.

6Pcs Abrasive Belt Cleaner Belt Sander Cleaning Block Skateboard Cleaner Adhesive Remove Glue Residue Eraser Rubber Cleaning Block for Cleaning Sanderpaper, Shoe, Skateboard, 70 x 50MM


  • Material: made of rubber, durable to use, they are elastic and won’t easy to break after pressing, help you to remove adhesive easily and quickly, can serving for a long time
  • Size(L*W): 70*50mm/2.76*1.97″
  • Pulls dust, wood particles, metal shavings, paint, and other residue out of sanders, keeps sanding belts and discs and other sanding gear clean for more effective sanding, it cleans your sander without damaging the grit
  • Wide applications: the belt cleaner rubber eraser for cleaning sander, shoe, skateboard, glass, plastic, leather, boards and so on, easy to use and save your time and energy, ideal for school, home, office using
  • Product name: belt sander cleaner block; Quantity: 6pcs

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Rubber Griptape Cleaner Durable Cleaning Eraser Abrasive Sanding Belt Cleaner Block Cleaning Kit for Skateboard Skating Board


  • ?SMALL AND CONVENIENT?This rubber griptape cleaner is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and store, and easy to use.
  • ?SMALL AND CONVENIENT?This rubber griptape cleaner is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and store, and easy to use.
  • ?GOOD CLEANING EFFECT?This rubber griptape cleaner can clean the footprints on the skateboard and keep your skateboard clean.
  • ?DURABLE?This skateboard cleaning tool is made of high-quality rubber material, durable and long service life.
  • ?GOOD TOOL FOR SKATEBOARD CLEANING?This rubber griptape cleaner is an ideal cleaning tool for you to clean your skateboard.
  • ?SUITABLE EQUIPMENT?This rubber griptape cleanerr is suitable for skateboards, long boards, cruisers, etc.

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DCT Abrasive Sanding Belt Cleaner Stick, 8.5in Long – Natural Rubber Eraser for Cleaning Sander, Shoe, Skateboard


  • [Increase Sander Life]: Extend the lifespan of your existing belt sander with the DCT Abrasive Cleaning Stick Sanding Belt Cleaner; Watch your sander come back to life as this grip tape cleaner is just like seeing pencil on paper being perfectly wiped away with an eraser
  • [Easy to Use]: Simply hold belt sander cleaner against a moving abrasive belt or disc to remove particles without damaging your sander; Belt sander cleaning block cleans your sander without damaging the grit
  • [Clean Various Items]: The natural rubber construction of the sandpaper cleaning stick works best on belt sanders to allow your belts to cut faster and land longer; Grip tape eraser can be used on sanding belt, disk sander, drum sander, and more
  • [Remove All Residue]: Use sandpaper belt cleaner after your sander has been dirtied and clogged to return the sanding surface to a like-new condition; Rubber sanding belt cleaner block pulls dust, wood particles, sap, metal shavings, paint, and other residue out of sanders
  • [Package Contents]: The DCT belt sander eraser includes (1) large 8.5 by 1.5 by 1.5 inch (21.6cm x 3.8cm x 3.8cm) sand belt cleaner made of natural sanding cleaner rubber; For cleaning purposes only; Not intended for use on wide belt or conveyor-feed type sanders

Cleaning Eraser Stick Small 1-1/2” x 1-1/2″ x 7-7/8″ Made from Natural Rubber for Removing Dust and Build up from Abrasive Belts • Sanding Discs • Drum Sanders • Grip Tape and Skateboard Grip Surfaces


  • Sanding most anything is a chore that we all don’t typically care to do. To make things worse, the sandpaper seems to become useless just after a few strokes. What if you could rejuvenate your sandpaper so you could get a whole lot more mileage out of it? Now you can with our natural rubber cleaning eraser stick! Simply rub the stick across the abrasive surface and watch the dust, crud, resin and natural build up disappear!
  • The natural rubber cleaning eraser stick removes most all of the residue. Use stick after your sander has been clogged with wood dust and/or wood resin to return the sanding surface to a like-new condition; Pulls dust, wood particles, sap, metal shavings, paint, and other residue out of sanders and other abrasive materials.
  • It works almost like an old fashioned pencil eraser. As you rub or slide the stick across an abrasive surface the stick quickly loosens and removes foreign materials. Your abrasives will be brought back to life to continue sanding. If you have power sanders like belt sanders you can simply hold the stick up against the sanding belt while the power is on and watch the belt be cleaned right before your eyes!
  • Clean various items around the house, workshop or in the garage. The rubber construction of the stick works best on belt sanders to allow your belts to cut faster and last longer all the while it can also be used on disc sanders, drum sanders, rubber bottom shoes (not plastic), skateboard grip tape, grip tape and a whole lot more!
  • The natural rubber cleaning eraser stick also works exceptionally well on skateboard grip surfaces which tend to get dirty rather quickly. Once clean, the skateboard surface is almost as good as new and keeps its grip a whole lot longer. Similar to skateboard grip surfaces, abrasive or grip tape that’s used on floor areas that can get slippery can be easily cleaned using the eraser stick.

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Dura-Gold Abrasive Cleaning Stick for Sanding Discs, Sandpaper Belts, Skateboards – 8″ Long Natural Rubber Eraser Stick – Grip Tape Cleaner, Dirt, Grim, Debris – Clean Sander, Remove Sawdust, Residue


  • Dura-Gold Premium Quality Long-Lasting Abrasive Cleaning Stick. Large Long Eraser Stick That’S 8″ Long X 1-1/2 ” Wide X 1-1/2″ High and Made with Professional-Grade All-Natural Rubber. It Works Excellent For Cleaning Sandpaper and Skateboard Grip Tape.
  • Use This Abrasive Cleaning Stick To Extend The Lifespan of All Your Sandpaper Sanding Discs, Sanding Belts, and Other Abrasives Used On Sander Tools and Equipment. To Clean Sandpaper Securely Hold The Abrasive Cleaning Stick Firmly Against The Sandpaper.
  • A Quick and Effective Way To Remove All The Residue That Builds-Up On Sandpaper As It’S Being Used without Damaging The Sandpaper Grit, Which Enables The Sandpaper To Last Many Times Longer For Sanding without Needing To Be Replaced.
  • This Abrasive Cleaning Stick Will Remove Sawdust, Pitch, Glue, Gum, Dirt, Body Filler, Primers, Paint, and All Other Built-Up Debris Residue and Particles That Get Caught In The Grit of Sandpaper. The Sandpaper Can Then Be Used Until The Grit Has Fully Worn Down.
  • Quickly Cleans Skateboard Gripe Tape So It Always Stays Looking Fresh! Completely Removes All Dirt, Dust, and Grim Residue From Grip Tape By Firmly Rubbing The Abrasive Cleaning Stick Across The Grip Tape In Long Full Strokes.

POWERTEC 71002-P2 Abrasive Cleaning Stick for Sanding Belts & Discs | Natural Rubber Eraser – Woodworking Shop Tools for Sanding Perfection, 2PK


  • INCLUDES: (2) Abrasive Cleaning Stick 8-1/2″ x 1-1/2 ” x 1-1/2″ Large Size
  • FUNCTION: Extends the lifespan of your sanding disc, belts and other sander equipment by removing sawdust, pitch, gum, glue and other residue without damaging the grit
  • PREMIUM: Made with a professional grade all-natural rubber construction, this sanding eraser is designed for durability and comes with an extended length and sizable girth to take on most of your sandpaper cleaning jobs
  • EASY TO USE: While the sander is running, hold eraser stick against your selected abrasive to remove the build-up, clogged dust, debris and particles – returning a like new look to your sanding surface
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for cleaning sanding belts, disc sanders, drum sanders, skateboard grip tape, rubber bottom shoes (Not intended for plastic or use on conveyor-feed type sanders) Please note: Works best on cured or dry residue

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Hand Sanding Blocks with 4.5” Eraser Belt cleaner, GOH DODD 5” Round and Mouse Hook Backing Plate Pad with 5” Hook and Loop Discs Ideal for Wood Furniture Restoration Home Arts Crafts Automotive


  • WHAT IS INCLUDED: 1 Mouse Sanding Block, 1 Round Sanding Block, 15 Pieces sanding disc, 1 4.5″x1.5″x1.5″ abrasive belt and disk cleaner.
  • HAND SANDING BLOCK: Perfect to be used with any 5-inch Sanding Discs, sandpapers, abrasive sanding pads, interface pad. Ideal for woodworking, hobby, arts and crafts, auto body, drywall, shop and automotive use.
  • GRIP COMFORTABLY: These hand sanding block are constructed from lightweight medium-hard nylon foam so you can apply pressure to any wood surface you are sanding without experiencing fatigue; The top of the pad includes 3 finger slots for extra grip and even control.
  • EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR SANDING BELTS: The Belt Cleaner extends the life of a belt and disc as it cleans your sander without damaging the grit.
  • NATURAL RUBBER ERASER: Made with high quality all-natural rubber construction, this sanding eraser is designed for durability and comes with an extended length and sizable girth to take on most of your sandpaper cleaning jobs.

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